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Elephant Family

Memories of Matriarchs This Mother’s Day

Published: 5 May 2022

The popular (yet untrue) saying “an elephant never forgets” is perhaps one of the main reasons these majestic mammals are considered the true matriarchs of the African bush. Known collectively as a ‘memory of elephants,’ young calves recognize that their mothers know best (even when they’re teens). Read more
Giulio flying


Published: 24 February 2022

It’s no doubt that the last two years have been tricky. Throw in organizing a bespoke luxury African safari and it got even trickier - although, nothing that our Kirsty can’t handle! Kirsty Gordon waved her magic travel wand and still brought countless people to the continent that has her heart. As you already may know, tailor-made African safari vacations are Kirsty’s forte, but don’t take it from us! Read some of the incredible travel stories our guests left from their 2021 travels across Africa. Read more
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Cows And All - Self-Driving South Africa's Northern KwaZulu-Natal

Published: 4 November 2021

Anywhere in Africa Safaris’ Marketing Team went on a self-drive adventure through Northern KwaZulu-Natal (KZN), proving that even the most rural parts of Africa - more specifically, South Africa - are more than ready to welcome you - here’s why: Read more
Marsh Lions 3

Motivational Women Who Make Africa The Best Luxury Vacation Destination

Published: 9 August 2021

Mother nature is what makes Africa the very best luxury vacation destination. However, once you visit and meet these inspirational women, you’ll realize why guests forget about the rest of the world and return to Africa year-on-year. Yes, we have to admit that patriarchy is still very much a thing, but great strides are being made in the tourism and hospitality industry to balance the status quo and make use of empowered women and the greatest minds in effecting positive change. Read more
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Kirsty’s Top 7 Luxury African Vacations and Destinations She’s Sending Guests To Right Now.

Published: 29 June 2021

Kirsty Gordon, our CEO & Founder, is a mover-and-shaker, lives for adventure, a woman devoted to curating luxury African safaris, and a family-first kinda gal. That’s why she’ll never send you to an African destination that she wouldn’t feel comfortable sending a loved one to - especially during these Covid times. Read more